Released Projects

Standard Assets

An experimental 3D game examining the environment package of Unity standard assets. Play it here.

Every Creeping Thing

A 3D game where the player sees the world from the perspective of different animals. Sound design by Seth S. Scott. Find out more here. Play it here.

Space Kitty

A digital and physical game where players use the flashlight from their phones to protect a space kitty from dogliens. Collaboration with Karina Popp. Play it here.

Small Song

A short experimental interactive interpretation of A.R. Ammons's twelve word poem, Small Song. It uses the player's real-world location and time to determine the sun position and lighting. Play it here.


Help a small tree survive the seasons and grow to be a giant of the forest. Play it here.


An arcade shooter style game inspired by the artwork of Piet Mondrian. Play it here.

Selected Professional Work and Contributions

Investing in Futures

A card game that prompts players to imagine alternative global futures. I contributed to the game design of this project by More&More Unlimited.


An interactive visualization of projects by artist Natalie Jeremijenko, displayed at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art from June to September 2016. See more here.


A game developed for the Metropolitan Museum of Art where players take pictures of art to match prompts. Collaboration with Caroline Porter and Inna Sheflyand. Check out our Instagram here.

Works in Progress

Builds of all projects available upon request

The Color of Love

An abstract game for mobile devices attempting to represent emotions through mechanics. Collaboration with José Tomás Vicuña.

Porn or Art??

How fast can you tell if an image is Fine Art or a Playboy centerfold?