Digital Projects

Standard Assets

An experimental 3D game examining the environment package of Unity Standard Assets. Play it here.

Every Creeping Thing

A 3D game where the player sees the world from the perspective of different animals. Sound design by Seth S. Scott. Find out more here. Play it here.

Space Kitty

A digital and physical game where players use the flashlight from their phones to protect a space kitty from dogliens. Collaboration with Karina Popp. Play it here.


Help a small tree survive the seasons and grow to be a giant of the forest. Play it here.


Savage Beasts: The Spatial Conflict Between Civilization and Wilderness in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

A look at the divisions between inside and outside in Skyrim. The inside space of human civilization serves as a relative safe haven, while the outside of the wilderness (at least initially) acts as a hostile space to challenge the player, and which they must dominate. Published by First Person Scholar. Read it here.

Finding Wriggle Room: How I Made a Maggot Simulator

This article delves into some of the critical and creative considerations of my thesis, Every Creeping Thing. Published by A MAZE Magazine. Read it here.

When Lions Speak: Representations of Non-Human Avatars in Digital Games

An analysis of the ways in which the treatment of non-human animals as avatars in most digital games reflect and reinforce problematic power structures between humans and non-human animals, formulations of which date back at least as far back as the work of Rene Descartes. Read the abstract here.

Time is Money: Cart Life and the Instrumentalization of Time

Time and its management are the principle challenges facing players of Richard Hofmeier's Cart Life. This depiction of time as a scare resource foregrounds the instrumentalization of time both in digital games and, with the exception of sleep, in our everyday lives. Read the abstract here.

Ladies’ Man: Womanizing in the Witcher

A critical look at the mechanics of seduction and sex in The Witcher. Published on Ontological Geek for their Romance Month special issue. Read it here.

The Animist Blog

Older essays of mine can be found on my old blog here.

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